All You Need To Know About Property Marketing July 7, 2019 May 14, 2020 Clifton Burroughs

As we all know that marketing is a process of promoting and advertising your product, property or any thing by using imaginative and creative concepts so that buyers would be interested in purchasing the product. Different companies use different kinds of strategies to promote their product or company. However, the strategies which are commonly used all across the world for promotion purposes are known as seven p’s strategies.

Seven elements:

The most basic strategies that are used for promoting, advertising or selling products or services are known as seven p strategies or seven elements used for marketing. These seven elements are product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence and process. All of these seven elements help in promoting the service product amongst the masses. People get to know about the product through these strategies.

Marketing has been defined in various ways by various people. Some describes it as a process of creating then advertising it, discount offers are made to attract the people towards the product and finally deliveries are done. On the whole, we can say that marketing involves the whole procedure of making, promoting and shipping in unique and alluring way.

Property marketing:

Property marketing can be described as extremely new ways and creative imagination for the promotion of your property which brings your property or estate in the light and buyers gets to notice it amongst all other properties.

Types of property:

Basically, there are four kinds of property or marketing property agency Melbourne that people own. There is residential property which includes both newly constructed homes and resale homes. Then there is commercial property which includes shopping centers, malls, educational buildings, offices, hotels, etc. Thirdly there is industrial property and lastly land property.

Types of property marketing:

Property marketing is done for two purposes which are either for buyers to purchase it or for people to rent it, both procedures are income producing. However, there are four basic types of income producing properties and these are offices, retail, industrial and leased residencies. Besides them there are some less common income producing properties like hotels, mini storage, parking lots, etc.

Property marketing can be done in various ways. It can be done by advertising which is the most common and successful way of promotion. Then there is way to bring your property into limelight by distributing pamphlets and making discount offers. Property marketing can also be done by communicating with people about it and telling property dealers about your property. These were some of the ways for property marketing among many others.


Basically, property is the land that we own. Now, if we want to sell or rent our property, we need to promote it. This process of promotion, distribution comes under the category of marketing. Marketing of property is done in various ways from advertising it on television screens to posting it on social media. One of Australia’s best marketing agency is barking bird agency, they know exactly how to promote and sell your property.