DIY The Shower Screens! September 9, 2021 September 9, 2021 Clifton Burroughs

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Shower screens are becoming a popular choice of people nowadays. So, now the installation of the steel doors is easy. Now, the screens are easy to install and people are doing it their self. So, there are no hard and fast rules for the installation of the screens.

Today, we will see some important methods through which you can easily install your steel doors in your bathroom without any fatigue. So, let us have a look at these methods:

How can you install the shower screens?

1: Mark the area on the wall:

The first step is to see that where you want the shower screens. When you select the place, then the next thing is to mark the area on the walls. There must be two-sided walls to hold the steel doors in melbourne. The minimum space required for the shower screen is 10 – 15 mm inside and outside the walls.

2: Drill the holes with the drilling machines:

When you are done with step 1. The next step is to make holes on the marks you mark in the first step. Make sure the alignment of the steel doors is straight. It will help with the straight shower screens. Otherwise, you have to face difficulties.

3: Attach the boundaries of the screen:

The next step after drilling is to fit the channels of the steel doors. Hence, this will make the shower screens easy because the frame is important in installation.

4: Fit the glass inside the frame:

When the frame of the steel doors is fit on the walls. Now, you have to install or fit the glass inside the frame. While installing the shower screens, you must be conscious because the glass is heavy to lift. So, make sure you have a helper for the installation.

5: Apply the bracing bar:

The next step to ensure the safety of the glass is to fix the bracing bar on all of its sides. It will increase the safety of shower screens glass. Hence, it will not fall soon.

6: Seal the edges:

To make sure that the glass of the steel doors is perfect, many people seal its edges. Hence, this is the last step in the installation of the shower screens. It will save the glass from falling. So, it is good practice to seal the edges.


You can follow the steps and fit the steel doors. Hence, the method is quite simple and easy. The two-person can easily perform the task of installation.For more information visit