Four Tips On How To Become A Champion Drag Racer February 12, 2019 May 8, 2020 Clifton Burroughs

Drag racing as a sport has attracted a huge population of fans from all parts of the world and it is seen as universal symbol of speed and passion for driving by all of them. While it may seem like something that must only be done by highly trained professionals, many amateur level competitions take place around the world to set the platform to recognize racing talent at a local level. In this article, we will provide you with some useful tips on how you can become a champion at drag racing fast.

Safety first!

You may know a great deal about the sport and you may have been driving drag racing hot rods for a very long time, but even one unfortunate mistake may bring about catastrophic consequences if you are not careful enough. Keep in mind that it’s not just your life that at stake because the spectators, the track workers and the crew are all involved in the activity and are exposed to an equal level of risk as you are. Therefore, take the time to check the vehicle to make sure everything is order and always wear all the necessary safety gear. Even a minor dripping of fuel or oils can be the cause of a fiery vehicular disaster that could put your life in harm’s way. So, do not hesitate to check and double check.

Tuning your ride

You will without doubt have to invest a substantial amount of money on modifying your vehicle to get it in shape for competitive racing and it will be a shame if you only get to win once with that car. Most racers tune their custom built hot rods to the best of its capability and face competitions, recording wins at times by several seconds. While this is pretty impressive, there is the always the possibility of a class rule being made to slow down the vehicle. This is why it’s wiser to tune your vehicle to be “just” better faster than that of the fastest competitor, so you will win by about 0.1 seconds, raising no unnecessary sirens among the others.

Watch the tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is one of the most crucial aspects of drag racing that can be used to your advantage. The best strategy is to increase the pressure of the tyres to a little more than usual and make sure that it doesn’t increase too much. This will increase the friction between the tyres and the track, giving the car better and faster rise.

Pull the chute

Once you’ve reached your top speed, it is then time to gain control of the car by reducing the speed. However, simply letting go of the gas pedal will not be sufficient to attain control after reaching such extreme speeds and you will need the support of the chute to get things under control fast, before things get out of hand. Pull the chute and wait for the font wheels to reach the ground, so you’ll know you are in charge