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This universe is so full of pests that cause so much damage to us either directly or indirectly. There is a huge list of pests that damages us. Pesticom welcomes you on board to fight with these termites. We are your excellent choice for pests’ control, their treatment with the inspection. You might be staying at home and tired of all the pests. Are you exhausted after trying all the available supermarket tricky and absolute solutions with zero results yet harm to health? Then you are at the right place with the team of trained, skilled, professionals with friendly behaviour in Sydney. These experts will offer you a whole range of solutions to get rid of those varieties of pests. The team is skilled and trained for the termite treatments in Castle Hill with the claim if cent percent results. We offer best inspecting solutions as well as it’s easy to approach us.


Termites are known as white ants and have the potential to cause massive damage to your property. The concealed themselves in a way that it’s hard to be inspected by the homeowner, rather a team of professionals will give a keen look and help to find them. If you get your home inspected by us every month for a year, then the property can be limited to the termite attacks. This inspection will help them to get an idea about their treatment.

Steps for inspection

The process of inspection includes the following steps:

  1. Firstly, the inspection will be including the trees, lawns, outer buildings, like all the exterior areas.
  2. Then comes the subfloor building to the ground. The technician will inspect the damages timber and mud tracks, water leaks, and the issues of poor ventilation that might help these termites for infestation.
  3. Then comes interior inspection. A moisture meter is used to test the walls and to read the common attacks of termites. Donger is used for the check timber striking and fittings.
  4. The roof voids are inspected too by the wooden framework and used to lift the insulation of walls too.

Get in Touch

Get in touch today with the team and let them know about your issues so it could be addressed. And we know how to offer the best pest inspections in Sydney. We have an idea of actually fanning off all the emerging pesticides so this will help you to feel safe and tension free about your property. We understand your problems and have solutions for them as well. Thus, phew the tensions and just tell the problem to our team. From inspection to getting rid from them will be dealt with by us. No need to worry we u take the security option as well and offer the assistance.