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About Verticals:

We are providing the world’s most flexible and eco-smart vertical gardens system which can contribute positively to your surroundings. With an exceptional variety of plant species, we offer complete creative construction. Our horticultural experts design, supply, install and maintain the whole garden system for you on regular basis. When you step forward to collaborate with us, a focal member of our team of professionals will be there at each step of the project to guide you. The expert team of Vertikal has skills in horticulture, design, and practical construction. We make sure to work closely with our customers, from the initial supply and planning to design in consultation with the architect, to the construction and installation of the vertical gardens and wall gardens in Melbourne, to the final fit-out and planting.


Vertikal Services:

The Vertikal management makes sure to work solely with plants supplier who only provides the best quality plants and will consult on the most appropriate species that goes with each vertical garden. Our company also put forward the suggestion, ongoing support, and a ‘best in market’ maintenance program to make sure that your wall gardens bloom for many years to come. For the plant selection process, customers can trust us blindly because of our extensive experience in choosing, testing, supplying, and caring for vertical garden plants. We choose plants keeping in mind all the necessary aspects like the climate that suits them and the environment around them. Living wall gardens rely on water and light to survive and flourish, therefore, our expert team will look after them for you. We discuss every detail of the budget before the project starts which also includes the maintenance advice and services to ensure your wall garden blooms and make investment prosper. The residential projects include full coverage or partial coverage of a wall which is up to you. Our professional team will choose a palette along with the customer to produce an incredible green wall. It will enhance the look of your home for several years. We choose plants that go with the surroundings for example if it’s full sun west facing wall or a wall in total shade, the plant will be installed accordingly. After the installation process, the propriety maintenance crew will take care of your green wall to sustain it for a long-term period. Vertikal also caters to commercial projects all over Australia. The design and construction services in Australia include a layout of wall garden species that suits the environment, shop drawing, routed polymer substrate, scale pots, fully mature plants on installation, irrigation lines and equipment, labor, and freight.

Contact Vertikal Now:

Get a quote now for your project. Contact number and email address are provided on the website. For more queries about vertical gardens and wall gardens, drop an email or make a call to get a prompt reply. We promise you will not regret your decision of choosing us for your garden system.