What Makes The Best Stringer? September 2, 2021 September 7, 2023 Clifton Burroughs


A stringer is used to provide support to the stairs by vertical support. Treads and risers accompany the stingers. Various stringers make combos with different staircases to give several designs

Materials used in stringers

The material used for a stair stringer must be according to the design and function of the staircase. Steel, aluminum, and many kinds of wood are used in constructing stair stringers. Among all these, there is a special place for mono steel stair stringers

  1. Steel

Steel stair stringers are a combination of iron, carbon, and other kinds of rustable materials. Galvanized or stainless steel is commonly used to prevent corrosion. Galvanized steel comes with a coating of zinc to avoid rusting of the steel present below. To avoid rusting, chromium, nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum are also added with stainless steel

Usually, Steel stair stringers are put into usage in staircases in houses, offices, and industries. We can also utilize steel stringers for outdoor purposes if made of galvanized or stainless steel. Prefab metal staircases and steel stringers are used where the stairs need to resist heavyweight, usually in industries, because they are as strong as steel beams. Bolt-together metal stairs are used with formed steel stringers for lightweight metal staircases. Structural steel stair stringers are used for designing and manufacturing commercial stairs in the design and manufacture of commercial stairs.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is an abundantly used natural mineral that is not rustable and needs no treatment to stay safe; aluminum stringers become different from mono steel stair stringers. Aluminum does not weigh much.

Aluminum stair stringers are widely used in staircases present in industries, commercial areas, and residential areas.

As aluminum is light weighted, it is cheaper to install it as well. Therefore it is recommended for portable staircases.

It is straightforward to install aluminum stair stringers. Thus time and labor costs are both saved.

Aluminum is moldable and can be given any shape as required, like spiral stairs.

As it is naturally covered with a noncorrosive coat, aluminum stair stringers are long-lasting and easy to take care of.

  1. Wood

Wood stair stringers are available in different kinds of wood like oak, maple, and walnut. Stair stringers are constructed from engineered wood. Wood stair stringers can be easily installed by pre-cut; uncut lumber is used if custom installation is required.

Mainly Wood stair stringers are installed in residential or commercial areas. Wood stair stringers are used as a support for staircases. Along with this, they add a cozy touch to the environment.