Workplace Bullying January 24, 2019 May 14, 2020 Clifton Burroughs


Every place has certain norms, rules and regulations plus policies for the place itself and for the people working there; workplace is not different from any other place (with some more strict rules and regulations). Irony is that most of the time we hear things about how to behave in a work environment, how workplace gets affected by the doings of the people working there, but they barely discuss things which workplace owes to the people working there day and night. For more information about trusted lawyers bundaberg click it. 

There are definitely some rights which are given to the employees, unfortunately in most of the countries employees don’t know about the rights and responsibilities, they are just working and that’s it. There are some categories which can be further subdivided according to the situations, for example: privacy rights, freedom of speech rights, anti-discrimination etc. problem occurs when employees don’t get their rights. Actually it’s a very complicated scenario which contains lot of details and complex situation under which coming up with something suitable is close to impossible. Workplace rights deals with situations like workplace bullying, this has been an issue for the employees even in reputable organization that they get bullied (in some countries they take it as humor or fun), for those who are unaware of this term ‘workplace bullying’ includes verbal abuse, intimidations and threats, concealing some information essential for someone’s job and/or let someone feel excluded from the crowd; telling someone about the work quality is not considered as bullying, differences of opinion, stopping some employee’s promotion on the basis of his/her performance is not included in bullying go to workplace lawyers Cairns. The best way to prevent workplace bullying is first to recognize the existence of it, try to figure out if it’s actually happening then try to communicate it with someone (blow the whistle) who has the authority for example: managers, labor union president, health and safety representative or whoever is the immediate boss. Usually in countries like Pakistan and India HR takes care of such issues, whereas in some international companies they have separate inspectors for such responsibilities; an inspector can actually inspect the workplace for the compliance of work and health related safety, code of conduct and law. Frequent presentations and informing employees about such issues like workplace bullying may help them to gain confidence and work with their heart in the company.

There are some companies which have developed a suitable helpline for such issues and has labeled as employee assistance program, although that assistance includes almost every issue related to employees but, workplace bullying is something which can be tackled maturely with the help of such guidance. Workplace bullying is nothing but an immature act done by others for the sake of nothing but to destroy the self-respect of the other person, physical bullying and sexual assault come under the same connotation but have the angle of criminal and legal repercussions. It is better to stay calm, work and live happily and above all let others do the same for themselves.